WMP staff will assist you from the departure airport to the conference venue

We offer direct and private flights for our participants.
No more inconvenient schedules or delays.
Direct flights to the congress destination without any transfer or connection.

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Direct, fixed–rate, flight!

Fixed rate from september 2016 to the congress date!

Airline ticket prices increase dramatically!

Our flight rates do not increase.

You can change names, add delegates until the last day.

The cost will never change.

We rent the entire airplaine for the wmp delegates!

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  • WMP hostess will assist you from the airport departure
  • You can proceed to the special check-in counters reserved for WMP delegates
  • your baggage is checked in at the start of your journey all the way through to your final
  • No double check in for national flights connection
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We are delighted to offer in-flight High Quality Meals specifically prepared for WMP guests.