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WMP listen and learn

If you like to absorb information by listening to a speaker deliver a lecture, then these sessions are perfect for you. These sessions contain a low level of interactivity.


WMP Interactive learning

These sessions feature hands-on learning with expert guidance through listening, moving, touching, doing and discussing, and are designed to provide a medium level of interaction. If you like to learn from experts, but also want the opportunity to openly discuss how the content can be applied to your world, then these are the right sessions for you.


WMP participation and inclusion

(learn from each other)—These are participant-led sessions with the highest level of interactivity. If you want sessions where you learn from your peers through discussions and sharing of your own experiences, “participation and inclusion” is the way to go. A facilitator will drive the process, but not the content.

Interested in becoming a Speaker at World Medicine Park 2017?

please complete the form on the right or send your proposal by email

This is an unprecedented opportunity to be a key part of one of the World Medicine Park events.

Abstracts that focus on:

  • Anesthesia & Intensive Care
  • Pain management
  • Orthopaedics and Traumatology
  • Respiratory Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • New medical technologies
  • Healthcare Management

are welcome.

Submission is open to everyone.

Residents and students are strongly encouraged to present the results of their scientific projects

We are always keen to hear from people who would like to speak at WMP events!

we love new ideas, or even new ways at looking at old ideas, but what we are not interested in are submissions proselytizing your company, product or service. It is also worth noting that we have a finite number of sessions, so willingness to be part of a panel and/or suggestions for the creation of panels greatly improve one's likelihood of being chosen. Keep in mind we want practical solutions, advice and suggestions that participants can take back and put to work.

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee.

The Committee reserves the right to select the abstracts relevant to the sessions and decide on the final form of presentation.

The research work submitted must be conducted substantially by the applicant.

The work has to be original and must not have been presented in conferences or published previously.

If abstract is accepted, applicant must register for the conference and present the abstract during the conference.

Generally, speaker fees won't be paid.

This opportunity will close on January 30th, 2017.

We will contact successful applicants in the coming weeks and all notifications will be sent by the second week in February, 2017.

Please note that making a submission does not guarantee a speaking slot.