The hyper connected conference

In 2016 in Mykonos, ove 90% of the participants said they would recommend the Congress to a colleague. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of an award winning conference which over the years has strengthened its position as the leading international multidisciplinary conference. This unique networking event gathers in a thematic park, over 3 days, the healthcare community's and public health’s most influential players and policy makers.

Why invest in hundreds and hundreds congresses whith no clear return on investment?

How can we ensure that the right people are attending. Do they have opportunities to apply what they learn which will change their behaviour?

World Medicine Park is a valuable instrument to reach and engage audiences.

Works closely with your guests throughout the the entire event to build relationships

Benefit from one-on-one meetings, corporate branding and relationship building by participating as an active corporate supporter and sponsor. World Medicine Park offers various levels of support and sponsorship opportunities at the event

No more traditional and expensive exhibition space

s1Instead of small and limited booth we prefer to offer our sponsors a real exclusive location where it will be possible to receive their guests with the right space and environment all equipped with the most advanced communication technologies to organize a dedicated event where innovations can be presented in the best way for a memorable pre-conference sponsored event.
A Real branded convention introducing the WMP main sessions.

Sponsored Symposium

Sponsoring and organising a Sponsored Symposium is the most impressive and efficient way to educate and stimulate a large audience. By offering cutting-edge science, revealing clinical data or examining case studies, sponsors can add to the programme of the WMP Annual Congress and convey messages in a highly relevant environment.

Expert Forum

Industry Expert Forums represent a new opportunity for sponsors to add to the content of the Congress and experience of the delegates. Rooms will be set up to encourage debate and face to face interaction with a panel of experts.
The objective is to encourage exchange on key issues and offer feedback directly to the sponsor.

Future View is set to be one of the event’s most exciting attraction

fv_vA crystal geodesic dome in the main conference hall showcasing cutting-edge technology and scientific trends, as well as theatres hosting a range of partner events and educational sessions.
Future View will bring together the companies leading innovation offering a 50 seats space with a big videowall in a fully transparent Dome visible even from the outside.
At Future View company can host an event, exhibit, advertise their brand or product and reach the larger local audience.
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