The World Medicine Park academy is an independent institution is a global educational organization with world-wide presence, independent of transnational politics, international conflicts, and political disagreements.

WMPA represents the diverse spectrum of medical science – from basic research through clinical application to healthcare delivery. Our mission is to promote medical science and its translation into benefits for society.

Finding the brightest and best, celebrating their achievements recognizing and promoting excellence in medical science and harnessing their expertise for the benefit of wider society is central to our role as a Medicine Academy

  • Delivery of a one-of-a-kind, uncompromising Global Didactic Curriculum
  • Foster networking and international/inter-institutional relationship building
  • Build relationships among academicians, practitioners and industry professionals in a quest for better and safer patient care
  • Promoting excellence
  • Influencing policy to improve health and wealth
  • Nurturing the next generation of medical researchers
  • Linking academia, industry and research
  • Seizing international opportunities
  • Improving health through research

Encouraging dialogue about medical science

We reach broader audiences through our public events and social media activity

Linking academia, industry and the NHS

Facilitating strong and equitable partnerships between academia, industry - along with promoting effective engagement with regulators and policy makers, Influencing policy to improve health and wealth - they are the main focus of the Academy’s activities.


The WMPAcademy is governed by a Council of 10 Fellows including six Honorary Officers whose role is to provide strategic advice to the Academy.
Council may,from time to time, co-opt additional Fellows to provide balance or expert advice.
Council meetings are held three times a year.


The Academy pursues an interdisciplinary approach to policy. We bring together the biological, physical, engineering and social sciences to explore opportunities for innovation and find ways around barriers to progress.
We publish working group reports, statements, consultation responses and discussion papers. We connect our Fellows and other experts with policymakers through workshops, roundtables, private briefings and networking events.


Fellows are drawn from laboratory science, clinical academic medicine, science, dentistry, medical and nursing care, and other professions allied to medical science including ethics, social science and the law.

The diversity of talent amongst our Fellows ensures that the WMPAcademy is able to deal with complex health issues, which extend beyond the traditional boundaries of medicine. It is their knowledge, influence and resources that are the Academy’s most powerful assets.