Minorca, Spain

Minorca Medicine Park is the global meeting place for the health care community bringing together more
than 1500 doctors and other health care professionals from across the globe every May.

Minorca Medicine Park supports the Advancement of Research and Academia in the fields of pain management, orthopedic, oncology and pediatrics fostering networking and international inter- institutional relationships, connecting people and healthcare industry in a quest for better and safer patient care.

7 - 11, 2014

The most important European and Worldwide opinion leaders transform the island of Minorca into a large
outdoor training campus for one month a year, where science and industry find a meeting and communication point.

The aim is to build a new meeting concept giving new impetus to a sector that, in a worldwide competition
system has a strong need for innovation in terms of communication.

It is an event that goes beyond the limits of the usual convention centers to embrace the entire island of Minorca and offer everyone the necessary space considering characteristics and size.


Program and Faculty

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